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Rott Welfare

It is a sad fact that some rotts will end up in rescue, in a perfect world there would be no need for these dedicated people .Many dogs are in rescue through no fault of their own Please seriously consider whether you could offer one of these dogs a new start and a brighter future. Donations to some charities can be made through a Paypal Account  so any loose change just sat in your online account could help do some real good.

Registered charity for rottweilers in rescue.

Another rescue organisation helping less fortunate rotts throughout the country

Rottweiler Rescue Hub- Can you help with transportation. Getting dogs from the pounds to places of safety.  Please request to join if have time and a suitable vehicle Thanks


Lights Camera Action

Watch Lottie in action at Crufts 2007

Watch Buck in action at Crufts 2007

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