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We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our ;long awaited Rottweiler litter. Rox gave birth to 9 (6 boys and 3 girls) lovely black & tan bundles on 17th March. We are overjoyed and will be looking for very special  people to love them for life,


Welcome to the updated Rottalma website, so many changes over the past few years. New additions have joined us and we have suffered devastating losses of our oldies.

Rottalma is home to our "show team",  our retired veterans no longer in the limelight and other dogs who are our companions. Our dogs  live as family pets. We assist rescue as much as we are able and over the last 30 years rescue rotts have stayed with us alongside their glamorous show counterparts all of them cherished equally.  

If you are visiting the site looking for a puppy please get in touch, Rottalma babies are a rarity as we only breed when we want an addition or 2 or 3!!! We are not a commercial breeding kennel our babies are very precious. We do not have older dogs available as we do not rehome once their show career is over or they are not suitable  to breed.  In my opinion a kennel should be judged on their veterans. If there are no veterans ask the question why not!

Any questions please get in touch

Jackie x

Some pages are  still under construction but please feel  free to browse.



Spring 2010

It has been a busy few months Mirrhi our ACD puppy arrived in January and she is settling in well Poor Caff really does have the patience of a Saint. A pre Crufts practice for Scrump and Willis where they both won Best of Breed at Newark CS and the next day Scrumpy won her class at the North of England Rottweiler Club. At the Club's AGM I was elected Secretary and am now busy with promoting our local club.

At Crufts Willis won his class against some tough opposition He behaved like a little star but Willis is a special boy. I would like to thank Heelersridge ACDs of Australia for their kind words about our boy.


Willis wins his class and the Reserve Dog CC at the Birmingham National and not to feel left out Sophie Vallhund wins her Limit class at her first show of the year.




Winter 2009

Showing news has been overshadowed by the sad loss of our wonderful Ebay March 2002 - October 2009

She loved so much and was adored by her family.  She made our dream of producing a Rottalma Champion come true. She will always be

remembered with the utmost affection and our eternal thanks.


Summer 2009

I apologise as I have been neglecting to update the site as I have been busy with boring domestic issues such as work. We have been to fewer shows than usual this year mostly taking the youngsters Sophie Vallhund and Willis the ACD, Even though our Soph is a curvaceous Vallhund she has done so well gaining 2 second places in Limit thus qualifying for Crufts 2010. Willis did so well at Leeds where he was given the award of Best Cattle Dog Male at the tender age of nearly 15 mths. We have some new additons at Rottalma and it is only fitting they should have their own page Rollie and Callie are the moggies and we have also been joined ny the French Lop rabbits Joseph and Jennifer. Page will be added when they stay still long enough to take photos.

Rottalma Rottweilers is now on Facebook so please feel free  to request our friendship

Febuary 2009

Loads of Open Shows and Match nights this month in readiness for Crufts. Results can be found on the Show results page. Up to date pics of one of the 2005 litter Suede have been added to the Entrusted to others page.

January 2009

News of a different kind this month, Carmel has had her baby in New Zealand and we are pleased to welcome the next generation of the Rottalma dynasty.

Here she is the very lovely Elita



2008 ........ What a year !!!!

Well what can I say .... the year of the Champion. A momentous climax to the year. As usual the Rottalma dogs did us proud each one of them qualifying for Crufts 2009. We were joined by Willie Wombat our new blue ACD baby and said a sad farewell to Vallhunds Dolly (16 yrs) and her daughter Sally(14 yrs) RIP Girlies.

 The Cattle Dogs promoted their breed admirably at Discover Dogs at Crufts and Earls Court, Our weekly training class began in August and I would like to thank all our weekly doggies Tyson the Boxer, Robbie the Llhasa, Benson, Chester and Mack the Rotties , Boomer the Akita X and Steve the JRT for their support at the Xmas party raising £40 for Zep the Dep Rottie Rescue. 

Wishing everyone a happy and successful 2009 and remember you always take the best dog home. 

13th December 2008

Today there is a new Breed Champion

CH Rottalma Tawny Emperor at Bearwithme

 (Rottalma King Creole (Ossie)x Aljamalynne Tiger Moth at Rottalma(Ebay) -visit their pages)

CC- City of Birmingham Championship Show Judge Terry Munro

CC - SWRA Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter

CC- LKA Judge Janette Blunden

Many Many Thanks to all judges who thought so highly of Buck

Special Thanks to Ann & Jane and Jill  for loving our boy and always believing in him

November 2008

A visit to Discover Dogs this month was very enjoyable Brody and Willis were wonderful and entertained all those who stopped to say hello. Willis is now old enough to be shown and he loves the doggy social side of showing and is  making lots of new friends. The Champ show season is now drawing to a close so looking forward to exhibiting at local open shows.

On a sad note this is the first anniversary of losing Porter our special boy, still miss him terribly RIP

October 2008

WOW WOW Just as we thought the celebrating had finished for this year Buck wins his 2nd CC at a Breed Championship show, this is a very exciting time for  Bearwithme and Rottalma Rotts One more CC and our boy will be a Champion. He has already done so much to be proud of and as a represemtative of the Rottalma kennel we could not have wished for any better. Way to Go BUCKY baby!!! Thank you to  fellow exhibitors for their  kind words, encouragement and support. and most of all for sportsmanship. Remember we always take the best dog home !! 

Please visit out Rott Forum and take part in the poll.

 Here is a plea for any Rottalma owners out there we would love some up to date photos of our babies for the new Entrusted to other page

September 2008

......... Yes big grins all round at Rottalma wooooohoo Buck has a Challenge Certificate, for those visiting the site who are not au fait with world of showing. Buck was deemed to be Best of Breed from an entry of 167 Rotts. He was awarded the Dog CC you need 3 CCs for the title of Champion. This is not easy in Rotts where the entries are numerically strong. We are over the moon.

We have also celebrated a win for Scrumpy is now Crufts qualified 09. So all the dog shown by us this year will be eligible for enttry to Crufts 

May - August 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past months I have been very very busy. It's the height of the Show Season , a new puppy has arrived at Rottalma and poor Caffrey was very very ill and had to have emergency surgery. Thankfully after a worrying couple of weeks she is fully recovered and has been adopted by Willis our new baby boy as his surrogate mum. A role she is taking very seriously and doesn't seem to be bothered that he is blue and has pricked ears. On a serious note Caffrey had a pyrometra, a life threatening womb infection Please be aware that any unspayed bitch is at risk from this condition so be vigilant and spay your bitches if you do not intend to breed. We have also started an informal dog training class please see our new page for details

April 2008

Well the big news this month is Buck's stud book number, you may have seen me mention it elsewhere on the site but hey ho we are very very proud. I have to say that this month the dogs have decided on a change of coat and there is more dog hair on the carpet etc than on their beings. Brody looks truely hideous and bald I will be giving a lot of consideration this month whether she will retire from the show ring until we have some improvement Luckily the Rotties do not seem to suffer the same extremes. Updates to the website this month well I've added some features to Buck aand Lottie's page and added some pics to the Pitter Patter of Paws page. Plus the Show results page has been updated.

March 2008

Well this is the month that brings us the world's greatest dog show and as usual it was manic. It is sods law that they put the Rotts and the Cattle Dogs as far away from each other and yours truly has to run the guantlet between the 2 Halls. We attended the NEC on 2 days, firstly on the Thursday where Brody did a meet and greet in the Discover Dogs section and hopefully changed some perceptions of the Cattle Dog I think the last visitor to the stand summed it up perfectly she said to Brody "Do you know you are the only dog still wagging their tail" If you know Brody you will realise that this is why she is a great ambassador of the ACD.  We returned to the NEC on Thursday to participate in the showing. (See show results)

February 2008

Well it's the quiet time of year Everyone on the show scene is getting ready for Crufts Every match night and Open show has had good attendance with all of us getting some last minute practice.

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of Neo one of the 2003 litter We feel for Darren and Zoe and know how much this hurts.We also know that Neo had a fabulous life with them and thank them for looking after and loving one of our babies.


January 2008

Happy New Year everyone. One of my New Years resolutions is to spend more time on the website so during the monthly update I will include what pages have been updated that month This month I have added Mackeson's page and updated Scrumpy's page, Show Results and Pitter patter of paws. I have also created a mailing list for all those who visit us regulary. If you want to be added to our mailing list please contact me and I will make sure you are included

Mackie has been attending ringcraft and he is a proper fidget, Scrump's showing prowess is not rubbing off  We have until the end of Feb to polich tnis little diamond.

We have volunteered to represent the ACD breed at Crufts in the Discover Dogs section, Brody will be meeting and greeting dog lovers on Thursday afternoon 6th March 2008 (first day of the show)  Her second visit will be on Saturday where she will be performimg .... yes that's the right word we normally have a performance in the breed ring. If you're at Crufts come and say hello.




2007 has been a throughly enjoyable year for Rottalma in the show ring. we have had the pleasure of watching our babies and the next generation our grand puppies performing in the ring and rejoicing with them in their success. We are not a productive kennel and do not produce litter after litter so for both the 2003 and the 2005 litter to produce Championship show winners and then this year to see their offspring become winners we are so proud.

Mackeson joined the Rottalma team, Thank you Ann for entrusting one of your precious babies to us.

Alas the year ended tragically with the loss of Porter who fell asleep two weeks before his seventh birthday on a clear night look up at the stars and in the constellation The Great Dog there is a star named Porter, he was a star during his short life and will always be in the heavens.

December 2007

Rottweilers are in the news again for all the wrong reasons The tragic death of a baby killed by a rottie bitch, It is a horrible accident which should have been avoided. Dogs are man's most loyal companion and love unconditionally but they are animals and without the right guidance can revert to their animal instincts. They rely on us human beings to set the rules.

As a Rottie breeder the onus should always be to breed for temperament above all else. Be very very careful who you entrust your precious babies, make sure breeding restrictions are placed and if you breed be prepared to take back any dogs, they are your respondsiblity they were born because of YOU

As a Rottie owner Buy from a reputable experienced breeder I know the cheaper price tag can be alluring but always remember a true dog enthusiast will always be there to help. Ask to see the parents...... this can always be arranged and if you cannot handle both .. walk away Once you have your puppy socialise socialise socialise, if you have kiddies train them when you are training puppy. Children scream. poke, push and run around  Dogs cannot say stop so the onus is on you to say stop for them. The other alternative may be all too tragic. Thousands of Rotts live as trusted family pets, your dog is still the same dog it was before this awful incident.

Finally here is an e-mail sent to the Rottweiler Club I am not revealing the author (I have not corrected the spelling errors) as it is better that remain anonymous. It is sad that there are some out there who genuinely believe what is written below If we apply their logic then all car drivers are respondsible for every drunk driver  It is a sad facr that the human race kills more children than dogs will ever do!!

 Please Please look after your dogs and do not place them in situations where they will pay the ultimate price. The media will not mention all the Rotties who are PAT dogs or those working for the Police and Armed Forces but are quick to report any incident involving certain breeds of dog.

Sent to the Rottweiler Club Sunday morning :- 

  "The sooner these animals and others similar are all banned from being kept in this country the better!!! Yet another innocent child's life taken, it's all gone way, way too far!!! I hope so much that this useless government we have, will, for once do something positive and rid us of these predators just as quick as they do with farm animals once an outbreak of foot and mouth disease is heard of!!!No matter how well trained you all think your animals are, if your animal decides to attack ANYONE there is nothing YOU could do about it!!! YOU are all of the opinion of "it will never happen to me" YOU are all responsible for this little childs death and of other peoples deaths in previous months and years!!! Chances are, none of YOU would want a known murderer or peadophile (human beings) living in your neighbourhood, so why should anyone else live in fear of having these awfull animals in theirs?!?! There is enough terrorism around in the UK from insane religious fanatics, let alone terrorism from certain breeds of dogs and their owners!!!"


November 2007

We are devasted by the loss of our much loved boy Porter 29.11.200o-12.11.2007. He passed away peacefully without pain but much too soon.


Lend Me A Pup

 I will lend to you for a while,  a pup, God said,
 For you to love him while he lives and mourn for him when he's dead.
 Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three  
 But will you, 'till I call him back, take care of him for me.  
 He'll bring his charms to gladden you and (should his stay be brief)
 you'll always have his memories  as solace for your grief.
  I cannot promise he will stay since all from earth return
 But there are lessons taught below I want this pup to learn.
 I've looked the whole world over   in search of teachers true
 And from the folk that crowd's life's land I have chosen you.  
Now will you give him all your love Nor think the labor vain,
Nor hate me when I come to take my Pup back again.  
 I fancied that I heard them say  "Dear Lord Thy Will be Done,"
 For all the joys this Pup will bring,  the risk of grief we'll run.  
We'll shelter him with tenderness we'll love him while we may
 And for the happiness we've known forever grateful stay  
 But should you call him back much sooner than we've planned,
  We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.
 If, by our love, we've managed, your wishes to achieve
 In memory of him we loved  to help us while we grieve,
 When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife,
 We'll have yet another pup, and love him all his life.
   -author unknown

October 2007

Mackeson (Bearwithme Return to Sender) has arrived Look out for his web page soon.

September 2007

Rottalma eagerly awaits the arrival of Bearwithme Return to Sender, a beautiful tailed baby boy. We are extremely proud grandparents  as all the babies are absolutely gorgeous and a credit ti their owners. All this litter is now sold at 4weeks old.

On a sadder note Galerita Rottweilers mourns the loss of Ponciana Euro Gold (Axel). Axel joined Galerita Rotts as a junior dog and my first memory was seeing Tony Drinkwater at Crufts looking battered and bruised. Axel had been on an extending lead as he was still getting iused to his new home and he had chased a rabbit and flipped Tony . He said the only concerns he heard was Sandra yelling  Don't let go of the dog !!! Azel lives on in our 2003 litter.

August 2007

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Buck and Anky's litter . They arrived in the early hours of Monday 27th August, 5 in total - 3 little boys and 2 little girlies. Mum and pups are doing very well. Dewclaws have been removed, they still have their wagging tails News and pictures to follow

Enquiries may be made via this website or contact Bearwithme direct through

A word to the wise for those considering a Rottie pup but would prefer one without a tail, It is now illegal for a dog to be docked in the UK , There are still docked puppies available that are advertised as being docked in Ireland please be aware that the onus of proof that this docking was done legally will fall to both the breeder and owner should this docked dog be challenged by the authorities At present failure to provide proof could result in a conviction which may be a sizeable fine up to £20000 or even a prison sentence. No docked dog born after April 2007 will be eligible to be shown.Please follow this link to the BVA site for further info about docking and the Animal Welfare Act


July 2007

Lots of shows this month and we have celebrated success at most shows as all the Rottalma team have done us proud.I would like to thank Ann, Pearl , Claire and all at Austmans who have helped move the dogs whilst I am nursing a Hamstring injury.

Caffrey, Brodie and Scrumpy have all been in season so Porter is slightly vexed and was sleeping with us in our bedroom. He has now been exiled to the bathroom for anti-social behaviour. Another week and all will be calm.

June 2007

Good news to report this month both Scrumpy and Sophie have qualified for Crufts 2008. This means that Rottalma will be represented in three breed rings at the Greatest Dog Show on Earth

More exciting news Baby Buck (Rottalma Tawny Emperor at Bearwithme) is now a man !! He has mated Hanbar Anky and fingers crossed there will be the pitter patter of Rottie paws at Bearwithme. They are due at the end of August ( my birthday is the 28th so Anky that would be a good day) Hopefully Rottalma's first tailed Rott is on the way.

If you are wanting to enquire about this promising litter please use the Contact Us link for further details. 


May 2007

Well the show season is in full flow. Scrumpy and Sophie are due to join the Rottalma Team at the end of the month. Scrump has already amassed a collection of rosettes from Match nights and has developed a victory celebration she now jumps up and snatches the rosette from my hand when the judge hands it to me ..... well I suppose it's hers really. Karla (Rottalma Sooty Ringlet) came to visit we are always pleased to see Rottalma babies all grown up.Spent a weekend showing in Scotland and was sooooooooooo cold and wet and Buck saw the sea for the first time he loved it!!!

April 2007

Well the day has finally dawned and changes in legislation now means that docking of tails is now banned. Breeds such as Rotts, Dobes, Boxers etc etc that are customarily docked for cosmetic purposes will now sport a tail. Personal feelings are that It's just a bit more to love and nothing changes what is in front of a tail a Rott will still be the same devoted breed regardless whether they are tailed or not. Soon we will forget what a docked Rott looked like. Imagine the power of that wagging tail , mental note to myself  buy a display cabinet for all the Rottie ornaments  in readiness for the first tailed Rott.

Scrumpy was awarded Best Puppy Walk (7 other babies present) at Match Night this month.



March 2007

Well Crufts has been and gone, we would like to congratulate all our Rottalma babies and their offspring for a fabulous day (See show results)..

The new Show Season is now upon us and we will be travelling around the country, getting up at ungodly hours, braving everything the weather throws at us, sitting in traffic jams all for a piece of card  and if we are really lucky a rosette. Yes you have to be mad to show dogs.

February 2007

They're here, Sophie and Scrumpy have joined Rottalma. Both babies have settled in well and are full of mischief. Have a look at their pages for more details.

January 2007

The New Year will be bringing 2 arrivals to Rottalma, Scrumpy  from Galerita Rottweilers and Sophie from Candace Swedish Vallhunds, both aged 8 weeks are due to join us at the end of the month. Loads of puppy training and puddles to look forward to !!!


Here's a short round up of 2006,

The 2005 litter became eligible for the Show Ring in Jan 2006 and Lottie and Buck enjoyed a successful year both qualifying for Crufts 2007. Brody the cattle dog was a consistant winner throughout the year and was awarded Reserve Best Bitch at the Breed Show. She finished the year as one of the top 3 of  UK Cattle Dog Bitches of 2006.

We were overjoyed to see Erik's Puppies enter the show world in the Summer of 2006 both qualifying for Crufts at their first show.

We finished the year on a sad note as Ch Starvon Supertrouper our oldest Vallhund passed away on New Year's Eve aged 14 years 10 mths

Josh was a very aloof dog and always thought he was a Champion, never suffering fools gladly and always a professional showman. He gained 4 CC's and numerous RCC's. Rottalma will be quiet without him.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Successful 2007.