Rottalma Rottweilers

Over 30 years of loving Rotts


Diesel is approximately 7 years old, he came here as emergency boarding as he was on his last few days before being PTS in a Yorkshire pound.  Diesel's owner decided  as they were moving abroad he would surrender hm to the pound as they would not be taking him with them He had been chained to a boat all his life as a guard dog. Diesel is a character as you can imagine he has been left to his own devices. Our  first week  together was interesting as we had very different ideas what was acceptable. His choke chain has now been removed by bolt cutters as it would not come over his head and he is a happy loveable albeit sometimes grumbly clown. Will he ever be rehomed..... unlikely his history of neglect means that he needs a Rott savvy family. After 7 years chained up outside he is not happy being indoors so will never be your typical family dog. He is walked daily, fed and well loved. He even has a new name of sorts and the soft lad now responds to Dee Dee,

The D man is now a Rottalma dog, there are many others in the pounds with  Rescues and volunteers struggling to save them. Many of these dogs are just discarded and have wonderful temperaments. Please  donate if you truly love this breed as so many deserve better. Please send any amount no matter how small via PAYPAL 

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