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Fortezza Witchy Woman @ Rottalma

Caffrey a.k.a Caffufle, Saint Caff of the Rotts, Caff .

Sire- Champion Reizend Earth Wind And Fire 
Dam- Nevarda Shanewis at Fortezza

Caffrey is a saint amongst dogs, she is so perfect, she never misbehaves and you never have to chastise Caff. Personally I have a theory that Caff is very clever and manages to make it look like it is always one of the other dogs fault and just never gets caught. Caff rules with a quiet supremacy and I am always amazed how they never ever challenge her. They always say the quiet ones are the worst. She was shown as a puppy but is too small for the current show scene and his now our oldest veteran at a sprightly 11 years.