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Over 30 years of loving Rotts


Austmans Brisbane Beaut at Rottalma

a.k.a Brod-mole , toadhole, monster, Brodster.

Sire Austmans: Real Riot
Dam Austmans: Miss Scarlett

Brody is our first Australian Cattle dog, I remember bringing her home to the Rotties Porter and Caff, Porter was like a doting uncle and Caffrey not impressed, if she could have spoken I am sure she would have said "take it back mum I'm the only girl you need". Well two years later and things have turned a complete circle and it is definitely female solidarity against poor old Porter. Brody is known as a blue heeler in her native Oz and you realise that this name is very appropriate she is totally devoted to her family and she is always at your side. Brody has been shown and has achieved more than we thought possible She was awarded Top ACD Puppy Bitch 2005 and has been awarded Best ACD Bitch on numerous occasions.

Compared to the Rotties they are not the easiest of breeds but they are addictive and we will be looking for another during 2007. Carpenters - Close To You(1).mp3