Rottalma Rottweilers

Over 30 years of loving Rotts

How it all began...

 In 1980, John and Daphne Colton spent a weekend on a Blackpool camp site where their friends were showing their Keeshond at the Championship show. Whilst walking around the camp-site  John stumbled across a Rottweiler and instantly knew it was the dog for him. Soon followed a trip to the Welsh border and Aussbritt Archiduc (Rocky) joined Coppell, the Collie cross, as part of the Colton family. It was suggested that we try showing, at his first show he was awarded two first prizes (Puppy and Novice classes) then Best Puppy and Reserve Best of Breed, Judged by John Coleridge. We were hooked.

  Poirot Isobelle (Izzy), Jagen Blue Denarius (Rommel) and Plaicehills Acacia of Rottalma (Tanya) soon joined the family. Visitors to our home soon learned to ignore the Rotts but never to relax around the Collie Cross. Both Rocky and his daughter Tanya went on to be awarded Reserve CC's in the breed. Izzy and Rommel were consistent Championship show winners.

 Over the next few years, both home-bred Rotties and rescued Rotties joined us. Some were shown, some rescued dogs remained with us as we felt they were unsuitable to re-home. Each one remembered for their individual personalites.

  Rommel, Rottalma Noble Survivor (Vivor) and Rottalma Noble Destroyer (Conan), were captured forever by the artist Mick Cawston. These prints are still available today.

  Daughters Jack and Elaine each set up their own homes, including their own Rotties. Luckily their husbands were just as smitten with the breed.

  In the late 80's we acquired our first Swedish Valhund These small grey dogs, with big hearts mixed in really well with the Rotts (Except Elsie and Taz but they loved each other really, just two grumpy old ladies). Later Daphne bought Rula, Josh and Dolly over a period of time and later Starvon Supertrooper (Josh) was made a Champion  Rottalma is still home to a pack of aged Valhunds.

 Due to chasing Joshs title we had not been showing the Rotts, so in 2000 Jackie decided to return to the Rott Ring with her new Rottie Fortezza Drum Major (Porter). and we achieved far more than we ever imagined. Juffter Precious Stone of Rottalma (Indie) followed and now the present Rottalma family can be seen throughout this site.

 All of them adored by their family.